Kennedy Summers Blames Social Media

October 6, 2016 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Kennedy Summers is a cheesecake model with weird plastic surgery and weird fake tits who most likely blew Hugh Hefner although it’s’ unconfirmed whether or not he was wearing a captain’s hat or diaper at the time. Sans diaper is a real point of pride for these runaways. She was banging NBA pine rider Jeff Withey for a while but he cheated on her by going to the movies with another girl a while back and then came clean via Instagram. He told her he was going by himself and she found two tickets. Jesus Christ, what are you thirteen years old?: 

“I cheated on this girl. I told my girlfriend I was going to the movies alone last night and then she found the receipt. I also shouldn’t have given her my Instagram password like a dumbass.”

You think? These two may be having sex in the wrong hole on sheer accident. That’s an easy lie to cover bro, take an improv class. I bought a ticket for a disadvantaged black kid looking sad standing outside the theater. Boom! Now suck my seven foot cock. All of this happened a while back but Summers has apparently been unable to interject herself into the news again so she had her ‘rep’ who is most likely some lawyer she’s blowing issue a statement to TMZ even though nobody asked for it:

“While it has many pros, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can also create many issues within a relationship. The negative effects of social media have claimed yet another couple.”

Thank you, more obvious Dr Phil. Summers’ looks are fading faster than the lettering on a replica Shawn Kemp jersey. Plenty of fake titted blondes out there. Might be time to hit the strip circuit or god forbid get a job. James Harden’s not answering the phone. I’m sure your rep has a place you can crash, depending on what you consider for free. 

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