Sophie Turner Working Hard

October 6, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Premium cable shows have figured out the formula for success in an era of declining TV viewership. You hire people who can really act to play the important parts and you cast a bunch of random good looking people for tons of nude scenes. Game of Thrones has their princesses and their whores. The CGI dragon queen gets naked every now and then, but mostly it’s brothel whores and wenches, while the solidly trained British people put on convincing performances of Middle Ages castle plundering and witchcraft.

Superficially hot chicks grow up feeling the attention of men and learning how to respond in dress and manner and body language. It’s always more interesting to see okay looking women become labeled great looking by fame association and countermove. Miley Cyrus comes to mind. It never comes out quite right. Like when they pluck those seven footers out of Nigeria to learn basketball after nineteen years of only soccer and helping the tribe reach the high breadfruits. There’s an awkwardness that never goes away.

Please, somebody say, I wouldn’t throw her out of bed. Complete the circle.

Photo Credit: Splash

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