The Good Version of The Bachelor Materializes

October 26, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Now would be the time to notice that network television programming is for people over fifty or people with vaginas. Networks didn’t move into reality TV programming merely because it was cheaper, though that was obvious. They also realized they couldn’t compete with video games and online channels for the attention of young males. Hence, eighty-seven shows basically The Bachelor. You likely hear cool guy radio DJs talking up the show. That’s because their stations are being paid. Now would also be the time to notice how media mergers affect the content you receive and the monopolistic lack of authenticity with which they are promoted. Expect Clinton’s FCC to get right on this.

To understand how deeply The Bachelor type programming is not for you, you need only look at the two Bachelor Australia contestants who fell in love after their appearance on the show. Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon and now run a social media onslaught of sexy together photos.

Finally I can proclaim that I did find love on The Bachelor and it was with @megan.leto.marx. My hero, soul sister and BFF! I love this girl so much I moved up to Geraldton for more laughs and adventures with her! 

The falling in love lesbian part is probably every bit as real as the hetero version faked on The Bachelor. But the pair have clearly tapped into the good version of this show that will never ever air on broadcast television. Though Starz is likely making a bid. “Male” is now a niche audience. If porn wasn’t universally available and free you’d hear much more disgruntlement. 

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