Jennifer Aniston Talks Dildos To Disabled Children

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Jennifer Aniston did some terrible government subsidized British talk show and brought up sex toys. This generated some excitement amongst the British viewing audience because they live for this type of shit. Indeed many of them spit out their mouth full of sugar cubes in exasperation. Aniston was asked something about her character on Friends and then mentioned her Horrible Bosses character, who is a dominatrix, and coincidentally acts identically to all of her other characters: 

“I mean she’s sweet and incredible but in a positive way she’s also a boss, in a good way, in a positive way. Just without the sex toys!”

The problem is that the audience was comprised almost entirely of disabled children. Oh, the humanity. It’s unclear why disabled children are less likely to understand what a sex toy is. Depending on the disability they might even find them even more hilarious than normal kids. It’s time to stop pretending kids aren’t in on the jokes. They have the Internet. They know what dildos are. Some of them probably even own some or make them in their trade class. Kids know everything. No harm no foul. Save your tabloid indignation for a more worthy cause. Also to be clear, avoid talking about dildos to disabled kids whenever possible. 

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