CJ Franco Pretending to Look at Shit

December 15, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

This is the sort of model chick that Kate Beckinsale’s husband left her for because she looks a ton like Kate Beckinsale only much younger and with less children having been pushed through her vagina. Not all men are as obvious as to trade in their wives on the regular for more youthful and grateful versions of the same, but all would be if given the chance. Wiseman previously ditched his kindergarten teacher wife when he became just famous enough in Hollywood that he could nail Kate Beckinsale. For most of us this same primal ambition more realistically┬áresults in an apartment with a second bathroom.

Women will point to the tremendous double standard of aging men being able to claim young women as fuckmates and trophy wives while older women suffer loneliness and having to attend Hillary rallies with their spinster friends. Men will point to how awesome this is. Also, not true. Well-off women have unleashed the shackles put upon them by nobody and are plenty enough taking on submissive young men as their full time cabana boys. Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey to name the three most well known examples, even if their gaydar is broken. There’s something to be said for enduring love through the ages. There’s something even greater to be said for sticking your dick between the firm tits of a twenty-four year old model desperate for a break. If you think God’s judging you then you’ve completely discounted how much time he spent fashioning your junk.

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