Gigi Hadid Is Your Model of the Year


Gigi Hadid was named Model of the Year by the international body that oversees such accolades and accreditations. Worth noting that there is no similar designation for nuclear physicists. Hadid barely edged out her own sister for the award, largely based on her scores on the astrology belief portion of the exams. The Hadids are fast becoming the Von Erichs of the modeling world.

Gigi Hadid's victory was defined by her numerous bold modeling moments during the year, none perhaps as groundbreaking as when she wore this too small pink mesh bikini for the end of the line for the Love Advent calendars. You wouldn't normally knock a girl struggling with self-diagnosed Hashimoto's disease, but that's a shit ton of birthmarks. The Crash Test Dummies sang about this girl's reluctance to use the locker room. I'd recommend fucking with the lights off through the early part of the relationship. Also, see a real doctor.

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