Lena Headey’s Husband Wants Her Money

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Lena Headey is reportedly making a million bucks per episode on Game of Thrones and her loser husband with whom she’s locked in a custody battle wants her to pay his legal fees. What’s the point of having money if you have to pay for the lawyer of someone who’s suing you? Isn’t an expensive lawyer a perk of having a lot of money? Why not just hire really shitty cheap lawyers for the both of you and get on with it? This kind of behavior seems pretty pathetic when it’s a guy, but if we’re going to have equality we must admit it’s sinister when a woman does it too. Meaning, much much more often. They behave unethically and connivingly in this sense much more often. Factor it into the gender pay gap along with the bottle service girl’s tips. 

Headey wants to keep their child in England where Game of Thrones films because she thinks British schools are superior to American schools and is obviously right. However, you don’t just get to do that, and if your husband can afford his plane tickets you have to let him see the kid. If he can’t that’s his problem and it sounds he’d be better off in the ample bosom of his British mother than sleeping in a shitty one bedroom in LA while his dad spends too much time getting ready in the morning. Still this shit goes both ways and if you’re a dude who’s been fucked over in a divorce you’re probably rooting for the underdog in this one. Just too bad there are kids involved, I feel even worse now. 

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