Suki, Immy And Maddy Waterhouse Sister Bikinis in Barbados

December 23, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Suki Waterhouse is famous for looking twelve when Bradley Cooper started fucking her a couple years ago. It’s not a huge skill, but it proved to be very important to Bradley Cooper’s orgasms at the time.

Suki’s actually in her twenties, with two younger sisters who have followed her into the valuable industry of looking pretty in magazines while dressed in expensive outerwear. Dad’s a surgeon and mom’s an oncology nurse, but apparently the expectations on the pretty daughters fell more in line of who are you wearing and who is the U.K. Sun reporting you’re fucking.

It feels like educated parents used to wish more for their kids in terms of professional pursuits. Not that modeling should be relegated only to the dumber good looking twats who walk among us, but it is ideal. A public works program for those who have trouble adding numbers. Maybe we’ve been brainwashed by television dramas, but the hot girls who were also intelligent are supposed to be lawyers or FBI agents. There’s nothing wrong with having gay men cover you in sparkle and crinoline for the cameras. But the world needs attractive lily white coroners too. 

 Photo Credit: Splash

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