Christina MIlian Seems Demure


Either you didn't know that camera flashes at a place filled with camera flashes would expose your bare breasts and girdle or you did know and didn't care. It's hard to calculate which is sexier, but neither is currently leading.

Christina Milian has resurrected her career now on multiple occasions which is saying something since nobody can remember her original career. She was a singer. If you can name one of her songs, she'll send you those Spanx unwashed as a thank you. Reality television is to the careers of thirty and forty-somethings with boob jobs and little shame what pacemakers are to people who drank and smoke or ate too much during the first fifty years of their lives. Keep the ride going even when the motor's dying. If you squint your eyes and only catch the tits, it's not as bad as global famine. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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