Karlie Kloss Loves to Kode

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Models who made their bones by holding hands with Taylor Swift through her breakups and dating Jared Kushner’s less successful brother are being encouraged to back STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) projects for girls. Karlie Kloss launched a summer camp for girls to learn coding called Kode With Klossy. The sign of any serious educational initiative is a cutesy nickname framed with Kardashian trademarked alliteration. 

As a model, I was meeting all these entrepreneurs and was fascinated by the things they were building. But I couldn’t understand how [these products] worked. What did they know that I didn’t? What secret language was this code thing?

Kode with Klossy proves once and for all that girls hate the hard sciences no matter the good intentions. Also, that fashion models are the single worst examples of taking up educational challenges.

Kloss refers to herself as a super nerd, which mostly involves working out four hours a day and attending lip gloss promotional events. Her publicists worked her the cover of an entrepreneurial magazine discussing her thirst for business and education. Kloss’ advice for business success includes: follow your instincts, see obstacles as an opportunity, and work hard. Mr. T offered up more developed life advice.

It used to be okay for pretty girls simply to shop and lunch and be secretly miserable. The desire to up-sell hot chicks as well rounded Renaissance women seems futile. That is if you discount the manner in which it raises their brand advertising value and commercial fees. Just be sure you remind the girls in Kode with Klossy camps what boys like and how to walk in heels. Backup plan.

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