Kylie Jenner Big Cleavage Leaving Nice Guy

January 12, 2017 | Uncategorized | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The full and complete consideration of Kylie Jenner is her nineteen year old body. It’s not horribly sexist if it’s true. Women can’t throw a football. Men can’t pee cleanly in the dark. We’re stuck with scientific axioms regardless of our philosophical desires. Kylie Jenner is a fuck toy which makes measuring her performance something of a not delicate art. Compared to say, Kandisnky.

Jenner is receiving shit because an Instagram photo of her in a bikini grinding her tiny rapper boyfriend depicts her with an off-putting tiny right leg. The existence of a grotesque growth on her deformed virtual baby appendage lends credence to somebody fucking up the post-production. If you can look past the Four Horseman indicator that Tyga has eleven million fans on Instagram, you get to the bottomline: why the fuck can’t you airbrush your photos properly?

Outside of things to do with your greased orifices, you and your sisters have one job. Make yourself look incredibly better in photos than in real life. The rest of us did K-12. You’ve had those years to figure out the basics of Photoshop. Learn your clone tool. People bring you your food. You have the time. 


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