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January 11, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Actress Lola Kirke who you’d know well if you attended choice mixers in SoHo made news by not shaving her armpits before attending The Golden Globes. Kirke waited for inevitable stories about her armpit hair so she could respond with rants about how insidious the men who have no control over the entertainment press are concerning women’s bodies. It’s a big reach, but she has long hairy arms. Kirke upped the ante by declaring that she had received death threats regarding her choice not to shave her armpits, which seems a claim you might wish to provide evidence, but victim status is something claimed, not earned. Also, it never happened. 

Kirke’s real concern is that in reporting on her fetid underarms, the press missed the real story. Her “Fuck Paul Ryan” button she wore on her dress. The button made eleven similarly white female 20-something Hillary supporters on the HuffPo editorial staff collectively cream their shorts. That’s not a euphemism. Kirke made the button small enough to go unnoticed by Golden Globes officials who have rules concerning attendees wearing homemade political buttons on the national broadcast. Though a Fuck Donald Trump button from Meryl Streep would’ve saved everybody five minutes of being blinded by her rhinestone reflective dress ornaments.

Live in an echo chamber long enough and you too will find yourself making your own buttons. It’s a sign you need to explore your world beyond the zip codes containing private girls schools, Soul Cycles and boho chic boutiques. Sophistication isn’t something you bestow upon yourself. Live a little. Hemingway did more than abortions.

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