Shia LeBeouf Working to Draw (VIDEO)

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If you imagine the bubble that is New York or Los Angeles you imagine people looking around after the election confused that not a single person they know or watch or read or friend or re-Tweet voted for Donald Trump and yet he won the election. Like waking up in Texas to learn the Governor is demanding law abiding citizens turn in their guns. Mind blown. How the fuck did this happen?

Where to turn to as a CCNY lesbian, or Jaden Smith, future CCNY lesbian, but the Shia LeBeouf Trump protest cam outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens. Definitely on your next tourist stop to The Big Apple. LeBeouf’s been manning the live-feed camera since inauguration day, vowing to remain chanting ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ for the next four years. Maybe taking a few breaks for confidence building Rx’s and European funded independent films where he’s ordered to have a boner and cry. Method. 

Since the novelty of the camera bit wears off extremely quickly, LeBeouf is clearly staging incendiary moments before the lightly visited GoPro. One involved a kid in a Star Wars Imperial hat and tie to indicate he’s a white supremacist, providing LeBeouf the dramatic moment to shout him down with ‘He Will Not Divide Us”. LeBeouf is semi-crazy and virulently prone to being a self righteous dick, but he’s not an idiot. Nor is he without some understanding of playing to an audience. He’s been acting since childhood.

Chicks with broad shoulders in overcoats chanting only gets you so many views and LeBeouf’s resting and non-resting bitchy face isn’t an inherent draw. Look for staged quickdraw gun battles by the end of week one. By the end of week two, the camera comes down with a vague announcement about The Man shutting it down. Even assholes have a predictable lifecycle.

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