The El Moussas Are Divorcing, But Still Smarter Than You

January 10, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

People who attend “completely free” success seminars in hotel ballrooms invariably off major interstates are pissed that Tarek and Christina El Moussa did not show up to the house flipping get-rich seminar with their faces on the promotional material. The Success Path seminar did include a disclaimer that the good looking HGTV couple may not necessarily be there themselves:

“Tarek, Christina, or one of their team members will attend each event. Exactly who will attend each event varies. Running their successful house-flipping business, coaching and mentoring Success Path students, filming their tv show, and a strong commitment to their young family means that, unfortunately, Tarek and Christina are unable to make it to every event. They are proud to partner with trusted real estate experts who teach Success Path strategies on their behalf.”

Here’s the first test to see if a simple seminar is what’s blocking you from achieving your God-given financial potential. Do you understand that when grifters legally inform you that you may win or lose, you’re are absolutely going to lose?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa probably used to make a brief appearance to sell suckers on the not-free portions of the “advanced learning” programs because hotel ballrooms don’t pay for themselves. That’s before they started fucking other people, waving guns in the air crying, and filing for divorce. 

More than forty participants of the Success Path program filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission which spends at least half their time dealing with dummies who fall for get-rich-quick schemes. Here’s a hint, the path to success is bilking the shit out of idiots who have somehow attained collateral in their homes. Outside of that, you’ll need to work.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa have been unavailable to comment on this matter, because calling people tards and giggling might make them want to get back together.

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