Nicole Kidman Playing Ma Aquaman

February 1, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Frozen faced Nicole Kidman has been cast to play Aquaman’s mother in the upcoming film about Jason Mamoa being wet and topless. Breathless female bloggers are already on top of the ageism and sexism involved in so much as Nicole Kidman is a vibrant young woman, not a mom. Though she is also a mom, including to some older kids Tom Cruise made her adopt to appear¬†virile. Trivial detail.

The logic goes that Nicole Kidman is only twelve years older than Jason Mamoa in real life. Also, she’s the exact same age as Mamoa’s wife Lisa Bonet, therefore, her playing his mom is outrageous. None of that makes sense, but female bloggers are like drunk guys in bars looking for a fight. Did you look at me funny? The tipping points are rather low.

Before we go too far into an outrage spiral, it’s worth noting that we don’t yet know whether Kidman will appear in present-day, or if her role will be reserved exclusively for flashbacks. If the latter is the case, her age probably wouldn’t matter at all. Still, it’s hard not to be skeptical: Aquaman clearly wasn’t trying to break any tired trends in its casting.

The DC and Marvel Universe are prime targets of attack for people championing diversity, or merely hate white men, one in the same. There are actually female superheroes in comic lore, and ethnically diverse characters as well. Half of them have TV show. Look for Paul Feig’s all-female cast reboot of Aquaman. Or wait until Mamoa gets old enough to have tits. Either way, outrage is best expressed when admitting beforehand that you don’t have the facts.¬†

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