Ask Tyler: Donkey Balls

March 29, 2017 | Ask Tyler | tyler-durden | 0 Comments

Tyler: Ok, I thought the Ask Tyler thing was going to suck donkey balls. It’s kind of funny. So I read the last one about tinder, but what about a guy like me who gets girls numbers at the bar, but has trouble closing the deal?






If you have problems closing the deal it’s because you have no game. I will teach you game. Just remember two things: most hot girls are dumb and whatever everyone told you to do and say to girls, do the opposite. 

So next time you have a hot girls number that you want to close text her this:

“Let me ask your advice, my ex keeps texting me non stop. The last time I saw her I had sex with her and treated her like a complete whore in bed. I figured doing this she would stop texting me. Now she texts me more than before!  We dated for almost 2 years and I am at my wits end. Should I just block her or is that a total dick move?”

First thing this does is a bit of shock and awe. It’s not what she typically gets from a guy she gives her number too. It’s also shows you don’t mind if you offend her and gets her to talk about sexual things.  Lastly it lets her know that your ex liked your dicking so much she hits you up for more. Keep being a dick and the conversation will just flow from there. Flow right into anal. 


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