Ask Tyler: I’m Here to Save the World

March 24, 2017 | Ask Tyler | tyler-durden | 0 Comments

Tyler: Been reading your “Ask Tyler” section and got one question. If you are so rich, famous and all knowing, why are you writing on some sh*tty blog?










Hope this proves I accept questions from hot chicks and idiot commenters alike. And I will tell you why, this gives me a platform to talk to a sh*t ton of people. Unfortunately, a large number of them are just shuffling through life waiting to die. Then they read about some idiot celeb like Lindsay Lohan f*cking up their life or getting fat, and for most people that actually makes them feel better. It’s like they think, “Oh look, such and such is a f*ck up just like me, maybe my issues are not so bad.” 

And I think to myself…WHAT THE F*CK!? That is a f*cking pitiful way to live. I prefer everyone look in the mirror and be the best they can be, despite anyone else who is a f*ck up. And if you keep reading these posts you are going to see a lot of people have issues, questions, and problems about their job, weight, marriage, family, sex, money, or life. And maybe we can talk about it, discuss it, argue about it, whatever. But in the end, I bet a lot of people will benefit and learn a hell of a lot more on here than comparing their life to some vapid actor/actress in Hollywood. I am here to save the word. That’s why I am doing this. 


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