The Dog Done Got Jacked

March 14, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his adorable wife Beth are aging gracefully. The now 60-something couple with matching fake blond hair extensions, spray tans, and sagging tits are still rolling off Dog’s legendary badass bail bondsman status. A&E tried to launch Steven Seagal as a legit NOLA cop and Champan as a bounty hunter. Only the latter stuck. The two men born two months apart. Basic cable is very good to old people.

The Chapmans were staying in the Luxe hotel in Los Angeles when they got robbed of five grand in cash. Neither they or whoever they were meeting from Craigslist in the hotel was in the room at the time. Cops are hinting at an inside job since that’s the case in every single hotel room robbery ever. Go down to the lobby and assess who looks the most pleasant. They stole your shit.

You wouldn’t think anybody would be willing to go through the Dog’s worn drawers, not for a mere five grand. Somebody did. Couples really do begin to look alike after so many years together. Also sharing the same clothes and beard grooming tools.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet

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