Amanda Lepore Doll Parts

April 20, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Amanda Lepore is an inspiration to boys everywhere. If you’ve got a schizophrenic mom to sign the papers and wish to spend four to six hours a day on makeup and costumery throughout your life, you too can be a tranny icon. Making rent will always be an issue, but you’ll have an amazing walk-in closet. Also many married guy suitors from White Plains.

Amanda was born Armand which was fortuitous in terms of converting to a girls name. She’s either fifty or sixty now, depending on who you ask, and don’t ask anybody who won’t tell you the truth of how she made a living in the 80’s in New York. At some point she became the official muse of noted photographer David LaChapelle. You should be so fortunate to be chosen as his muse. Or even more fortunate to have an occupation where you get to have a muse on retainer. Try asking for that at your accounting job. You’re not even allowed a snow globe.

Lepore’s new book, Doll Parts, offers up a summary of her existential goal to be allowed to be who she wants to be without being called out by others. Seems fair. Also counterintuitive when constructing yourself into a naked tranny cartoon figure demanding rubbernecking. You can demand to be anything you want to be. You can’t demand everybody else in the world adjust to you.

This is a high time for trannies. For a demographic group representing a tiny fraction of the general population, they’re moving political and social mountains. The red lipstick seems heavy. If you’re going in for more than a peek, consider low lighting. 


Photo Credit: Splash News

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