Chloë Sevigny Rises Above

April 21, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

Self-proclaimed fashion visionary and real-life delusional Brooklynite Chloë Sevigny is still talking about herself long after people assumed she died strangled by her own accessories. The walking and talking answer to the question “What happened to Sarah Jessica Parker’s chin mole?” continues her reign as the world’s oldest hipster in the new Net-a-Porter where she claims that she’s “bored,” “famous,” and “judged.” Close, Chloë. 

Sevigny is a victim of mainstream sensibilities. She’s absolved of her stage 4 unlikability by default:

I think it’s inspiring for girls to see women who are not conventional beauties, women who have been judged. If Rihanna was in [my outfit], the tabloids would love it. I don’t court mainstream success, so they have a hard time understanding me. [I stopped going to fashion shows] because of this weird pressure to have ‘a look’. I don’t feel it [censure] all the time. But it’s impossible for me to go somewhere and not be judged.

That does sound rough. Imagine the way people look at you grabbing pressed juice at eleven am. It’s why most of us have jobs during the day. To hide.

The actress still brings up her younger, relevant years when she starred in movies like Kids and Boys Don’t Cry. This was before she added the umlaut. Everything’s gone downhill since then. She has too much money to be relatable. But she’s too unmarketable to achieve a status that warrants her smugness. 

I’m always on the quest for the perfect kilt skirt and the perfect pair of jeans. I think every woman is.

Since you’re too hip for a spokesperson, that one’s on you.


Photo credit: Net-a-Porter

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