Ask Tyler: Die, Tyler, Die

April 5, 2017 | Ask Tyler | tyler-durden | 0 Comments

Tyler: I have read most of the past few articles and you are a disgusting pig. What a joke that you’re giving advice to women. The world would be better off without you in it.


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Everybody bitches about haters on the Internet. I find them to be the last honest people. My response is you are absolutely right! From the tone of your email I assume you are a thirty something college educated woman with a job in the professional services industry and possibly even a decent man in your life. Wait, more is coming in from the magic ball. You have “auburn” hair and are many pounds into chubby. Not repulsive to most men but not a head turner outside of detention centers and prisons. When you go out you talk about politics and the bond market. Average in bed but you think you are great because one time you wore naughty lingerie for Valentine’s. When you don’t shave your business for a couple days it gets very very dark and coarse. You are not my target audience. The advice I give is for men who want to nail attractive hairdressers, hostesses, girls working in a nail salon, and interns in any industry not fashion. Our ladies have no LinkedIn profiles, little personality and no hope of a future besides the one the man they let get them pregnant will provide. You have your college degree and your mid-level management job to make up for your lack of superficial appeal. Everybody finds a way to survive. You’re not my audience. The End.


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