Millennial Couples Have Started Voluntarily Uploading Their Sex Videos Online

April 7, 2017 | NSFW | guest-post | 0 Comments


Gone are the days of trying to hack your roommate’s iCloud account in order to access their hot girlfriend’s homemade porn stash. It turns out it’s 2017 and couples are actually voluntarily uploading these videos online themselves. Which makes things pretty fucking convenient for the rest of us.

The vehicle for this radical new wave of sexual generosity is sex sharing platform Lustery. Having just launched at the beginning of this year, it already boasts a community over 40,000 strong and shows no sign of going away anytime soon.

When logging in to Lustery, it is clear that this isn’t your average porn site. Proclaimed as “The Home of Self Filmed Passion”, it is clean, intuitive and modern, with an emphasis on genuine passion and realness (no fake orgasms here).

The videos, which are all self-submitted by the community members themselves, have an undeniably sexy authenticity that is nigh on impossible to find elsewhere. Each one starts with the couples sitting down to introduce themselves, recounting stories about how they met, their relationship, their sex life and just about anything else that they feel inclined to share. Pretty cute, huh?

On top of all this, each couple is given their own Facebook-esque profile, which as well as enabling your prowling to be taken to whole new Olympic levels, is pretty handy when narrowing down your fapping material of choice.

I know. I know what you’re thinking; who in their right mind would actually submit a video? Well, it would appear Netflix and chill just isn’t cutting it for the modern day couples anymore – there’s been over 75 approved video submissions in the first few months alone. Maybe you’re just a boring old fuck after all. A new wave of porn is here, and it’s time we all gave it the one handed applause it might just deserve.

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