Royals Fan Punches Woman In Face For Equality (VIDEO)

April 20, 2017 | WTF | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


A man wearing a Kansas City Royals jersey at Kauffman Stadium punched the shit out of a woman. This isn’t the soft jab of someone who wants to teach a bitch a lesson. He wanted her dead. The carnal pummeling was retaliation for the woman’s aggressive behavior. Witnesses claim she taunted the man and even spit on him. Then he punched her in the face. A stadium employee can be seen half-heartedly intervening. He wanted her gone too.  

Both brawlers were escorted out of the stadium. The mixture of beer and people who belong on the set of Roseanne makes baseball games ripe for violence. Coverage of this smackdown highlights the fact that we’re witnessing a man clock a woman. Men look like pussies when they hit women. Crippling emotional abuse is the real long con. #15 didn’t have the luxury of time. He did what he felt was right in the moment.

Feminist classes will cover this event for years to come. Women should be treated equally. They should receive equal pay as men. They should have access to appropriate healthcare. They should also be punched in the face if they’re being assholes. Until drunk men can freely punch drunk women, we will never have equality. Dive bars just got ten times more interesting.

Photo credit: TMZ

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