Emily Ratajkowski Takes On More Naked Roles

May 31, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Emily Ratajkowski plays hard to get by way of her gender politics sermons, but by and large, she’s making rent working the topless side of the entertainment tracks. There’s a convoluted argument for why being feminist empowered chick and playing naked hot chick #3 in the script are not mutually exclusive, but it’s painful to endure and poorly presented. 

Ratajkowski broke on the scene as a nude model hired to dance topless in Robin Thick’s Blurred Lines music video. She followed that up by being topless in Gone Girl atop Ben Affleck. Affleck insists he was thinking about his wife during the filming. Like how he wished his wife had tits like Emily Ratajkowski. He blew off some steam by drinking and gambling for the next three years. 

Ratajkowski was photographed on the set of her latest film, a thriller being filmed in Italy, where once again she’s naked. Meryl Streep did nudity in her early work, but she portrayed a Holocaust survivor winning Oscars. This is a low budget Aaron Paul featured Euro production. So, late night Cinemax but with enough money for some exteriors. 

There’s no shame in what you need to do to get paid. The patriarchy can be cruel to a weird looking woman with especially nice tits. More acting classes have never worked for any other woman ever in this situation, but the economy needs the churn. Keep attending.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @emilyratajkowski