Girls Prove They Will Strip To Be Instagram Famous

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Millennials treat being social media famous the way older generations treated being actually famous. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but having followers and getting likes is similar to being really good at crossfit. Crossfitters are just really good at working out but were never really good enough to play real sports. These girls are hot enough for a guy to click like but not hot enough to be real models. Instagram is for wannabe models what being a waiter in LA is for wannabe actors. 

If you are a guy with any marketable skill and following you can really carve a great niche out as king of the “almost hot enough to be a model” girls. What better purely millennial profession to be in to achieve being the king of the social media meal ticket than a DJ? DJ’s are the rockstars for the ADD generation that can’t be bothered by listening to a full album. If you are a good DJ you can even get girls to do some wild stuff for you.  

What better example of modern day capitalism is there than DJ Strategy who took his relatively marketable skill of being a solid DJ and turned it into a full time getting girls naked production. His tagline of “Send Nudes” is like the calling card of every fuck boy alive but unlike them he actually is getting girls to strip for him. His images and life is the wet dream of most tinder obsessed men. His images and videos play out like they belong on some sort of modern day Girls Gone Wild reboot.


Mr. DJ Strategy we salute you and your quest to get girls to do ridiculous things just to be on your Instagram. We personally think any guy who can convince a girl to strip only to use them as a prop for golf or baseball practice is what is helping make this generation so great. It’s a bonus that he happens to be a pretty good DJ from what we gather. Anyone lamenting that society has fallen to this need only blame themselves for either not being a fan of girls exploiting themselves for what they think fame is, or for letting their daughters out of the house.

Check out the rest of his images here.

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