Porn Stars Do It In the Vrischikasana

May 2, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The porn star job has one strict requirement. Flexibility. As it applies to every single element of your life. Kate England has taken up the cause of adult entertainer as more than a mere sexual object. She can also be the carefree yoga practitioner in the park in see-through athletic wear. Success isn’t about finding new avenues, it’s about widening your existing lane. 

It’s easy to be pigeonholed in life when you can reverse scorpion your leg above your body from the prone position. Even easier, when you’ve previously accepted cash for doing the very same but with two cocks in your can. The perfect place to pivot. You’ve conquered or squatted upon more obstacles than the next chick in line for that Starbuck’s job.

You don’t need to lead this life. Though, to be clear, we do need a certain number of women to lead this life. Before you go, tap a replacement. Watch American porn. If it’s all we have left, we’ll be alright.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

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