Laverne Cox Almost Naked For Real Womanhood

May 19, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

90% of being a woman is assuaging crippling self-doubt with sexual validation. The other 10% is veiling that impulse as self-empowerment. Laverne Cox is right on track. The transgender Orange is the New Black star took to Instagram to share a barely-covered picture of herself in a see-through onesie. Available exclusively at interstate exit sex shops. She includes the caption:

I took this #selfie for me without any intention of sharing it but why not. #nomakeup #nofilter. #bodypositivity #selflove #selfcompassion #m?rrorselfie #selfie #TransIsBeautiful

Nothing says #bodypositivity like whoring yourself out for the media. Instagram handily quantifies self-worth. Cox’s fans need to know that if they don’t reach 85K likes for a shameless selfie, they should probably kill themselves. Maybe trans youths will be inspired by this photo. Maybe they’ll wonder if they too have to purchase wigs that cost under five dollars. Or maybe they’ll wonder if a life outside of the digital acceptance vortex facilitated by self-loathing exists. It does. For losers. 

Fellow trans star Caitlyn Jenner is in the midst of a waning brave grace period. Cox needs to turn it out to regain her throne as the beacon for trans kids. A rich woman whose sustenance consists of red carpet appearances and Insta likes, preaching acceptance only once you’re accepted by others. Every woman ever called. They want their M.O. back. 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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