Weiner Down

May 19, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Anthony Weiner will plead guilty to one federal charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. This is the fallout from Weiner’s most recent sexting scandal where he once again claimed he got hacked and not to believe anything you read in the Daily Mail. The latter part is good advice, even if from a man who compulsively shares his bare pec and pecker pictures with fifteen-year old girls.

If you go back to the Sydney Leathers interviews on Weiner’s online habits, you get the sense of a man driven by a heavy duty Napoleon complex that led him to alternate between bicep curls and pussy pounding sonnets in equal measure. The fact that he was married to Hillary Clinton’s demure right hand woman and genital lubricator points to an arranged political marriage. It all might’ve worked if not for those meddling kids, specifically the kids you were sending your dick pics to.

Weiner has top notch legal representation and still a bunch of powerful people in political circles who owe him favors. Or, in the least, want to see him go away quietly. Hence, the down low agreement to a guilty plea to a lesser charge and likely max six months playing tennis and attending sexual addiction courses at a low security federal penitentiary. The more horrific fate is the one to befall Weiner’s future cellmate. When he shouts out, “Tell me how much you love my big cock,” realize that he’s speaking at you, not to you. Do not engage.

If you imagine Anthony Weiner to be the worst Congressman ever, you’re so horribly naive. 

Photo credit: Getty Images / NY Daily News

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