Salma Hayek Finds Outer Beauty in Herself

June 27, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There’s one rule related to Hollywood women who speak or host seminars denouncing the industry patriarchy: they will be naked in selfies within three weeks. Women can be both strong and beautiful. Or, opportunistic and vain, depending on how you frame the very same activities.

In Cannes, Salma Hayek called out the violence of sexism aimed at pretty women in movies. It was hard for her to specifically define but she threw in a monkey murder metaphor that made you not want to ask a followup. That’s but one side of a woman who coincidentally married a billionaire about the time her career slowed down. The other, being a chick who noticed her tits in the mirror after a party and took a selfie.

“When the party is over …. cuando se acaba la fiesta…#night #fiesta #stolenmoment”

The Instagram happens to line up with the release of Hayek’s new movie. Assume some man in the marketing department violently made her take the selfie. Though not her husband, he’s the exception because he owns an island. Also, there hasn’t been a straight man in a Hollywood marketing department since 1983.

Women are far more complex than men, providing them the opportunity to be far more complicated jerks. Versus men who you can explain why you don’t like in no more than two words and be dead on. If we look at your naked body are we horrible? This seems like a trap. 

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