Aly Raisman Says Maybe A Pedo Doctor For Girls Gymnastics Wasn’t a Great Idea

August 22, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Now that she’s completely done with her gymnastics career, Aly Raisman is calling out USA Gymnastics for not being vigilant as their main girl injury treating doctor of twenty-nine years was diddling the leotarded lambs. 

National team doctor, Larry Nasser, was eventually busted for child porn, with a series of these gymnastics girl sexual assault charges to follow. And on the heels of that, lawsuits filed on behalf of 125 girls he treated with his special Nasser massage therapy. Raisman is demanding retroactive reform:

”Everyone is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Olympic champion or you’re an 8-year-old that goes to gymnastics in Ohio, or wherever you are in the U.S. Every single kid is important and I want USA Gymnastics to do a better job with that.”

Thanks. Like a Band-Aid to a cut that healed months ago.

The reason these pedo men in positions of authority exist is because everybody involved has a vested interest in not rocking the boat. Including the kids themselves, in the manner of being scared shitless and not wanting to disappoint their overbearing parents and their demanding expectations. If your folks are asking you to train six hours a day and skip school at nine, compete through a broken arm maybe, do you think they care if the national team doctor is swiping your privates during ligament assessments? They didn’t care enough to not leave you alone on an exam table with a grown man they don’t know.


It takes a village to repeatedly rape a child. And get away with it. Coverups by the rest of gymnastics, the coaches, the parents. The competition and desire to get ahead is so great, nobody wants to rat. Maybe in crappy Fourth World countries where it’s national team sport or sewing labor camp you sell your kid’s soul, but the U.S. has some decent opportunities now for women I’m told. CEO of Uber comes to mind. 

You might consider not putting your young kids into grinding totalitarian pursuits historically known for being ripe with pedophiles such as gymnastics or modeling or acting. A little bit of AYSO or ballet class won’t stifle their normal childhoods or likely see them assaulted by a grown man who has obviously chosen to hang around young girls full time. You can’t count on Aly Raisman coming to your rescue with a tepid criticism five years after the fact.

Try golf. There is no rape in golf. It’s that boring.

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