Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Battle for Custody of Cars

August 22, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Dumb rich and shameless is no way to go through life. Super Fat Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna coupled long enough to produce a baby girl because off-Interstate strip clubs will still need dancers in the 2030’s. 

Super Fat Rob clearly got played by the dumpy looking freak show who anchored her vagina into a Kardashian baby. That’s more current market value than a virtual bag of bitcoin. Anybody who’s lived ten years on this planet knows why the hooker plays heart of gold with the wealthy fat guy. Except for Kardashian Jr.. He lacks the guile of his sisters by some infinite measure.

Since the split and Blac Chyna posting videos of all the men she’s fucking now that she’s secured her future, the exes have battled over who owns what from the six months of televised time together. Specifically, they’ve been fighting over the mini-fleet of luxury vehicles.

Blac Chyna retained the services of attorney Lisa Bloom for her custody settlement, both baby and cars. Janky hires janky. Chyna claims that she returned the Lamborghini and Ferrari Kardashian gave her for grinding on his Hostess snack foods dick, while he kept the Range Rover she gave him as a token of her John appreciation. There was a rumor Chyna tried to steal the car back from the valet when the two met up with their attorneys to hammer out a custody deal. Lisa Bloom denied this ever happened, then asked if anybody had fucked Usher in the past three years and offered them a book of Marie Callender’s coupons if they said “yes”.

The upshot: all the Fast and Furious whore cars were leased. The dolts were fighting over cars they didn’t own. Even if you have but one ounce of common sense left, you don’t plunk down sale price for a person you know will be fucking somebody else this time next year. Worst game of liar’s poker ever.

It’s a whimsy of evolution that the more horrible people are the more fertile their reproductive organs. Gold digging strippers with ass implants can get knocked up with pre-ejaculate of a guy too sad and corpulent to fuck them. Meanwhile Ph.D’s have to spend seven years of intensive laboratory hurdles to produce one autism spectrum child. If the Kardashians cared about their lone remaining male family member, they’d snip his tubes during his next diabetic coma.

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