Cheer Camp Seems to Be Going Well (VIDEO)

August 25, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


Here’s a hate group that will never make the Southern Poverty Law Center fundraising newsletter: cheerleading coaches. Male or female. They’re up there with gymnastics coaches and Disney Channel casting agents in terms of straight up abuse of tiny framed girls. 

Because everything locker room is now publicly available via camera phone upload to YouTube, a disturbing video appeared of an incoming East High School in Denver freshman being tortured for the cause at her summer cheer camp. The girls cheer coach, who’s a grown man which in itself makes no sense, presses down hard on the 13-year old frame of Ally Wakefield to force her body into the splits. That’s some serious R. Kelly level pubescent cheerleader foreplay. The coach is assisted in his tendon racking of the girl by the cheerleading teammates who play along like Milgram experiment volunteers raising the voltage. They’ve clearly take direction.

Ally Wakefield is not cut out for cheer, despite her parents hoping she’d rise to the worthiness of her perfect cheer name. This is the kind of torturous tradition usually reserved for football teams or frats. It’s not that girls can’t handle the same level of physical pain and humbling humiliation as men, it’s more, why would you want them to? It hardly makes sense for the guys, outside of machismo and having cool forcible sodomy stories to tell the attorneys one day when you set fire to the institution.

Wakefield and her family have yet to sue. But they did go on The Today Show with an exclusive interview, which is pretty much pre-sue positioning. Also, everybody at East High School who ever knew this girl, let alone tried to press her into the splits, has been put on administrative leave pending investigation. The school district issued a statement calling this video deplorable, with the right to shift blame depending on how the public winds end up blowing. A school district mission statement needs but three letters: CYA.

You know an activity might be innately sucky when people involved in it up and down the line all seem to be complaining. From the toddler and tiaras set weary of all the molestation, to NFL cheerleaders complaining about being underpaid for being leered and groped by drunk fans. If this STEM thing for girls is to ever catch on, we really need stage parents to lean-in more. There’s no good reason why blond chicks named Ally can’t someday be either chiropractors or part-time paralegals.

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