Drink Wine With Jennifer Lawrence and Her Breasts and Save The Nation (VIDEO)

August 16, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


Hollywood celebrities have come to discover large amounts of corruption in national politics, on or about November 9th of last year. Prior to that, Goldman Sachs and Chevron were doing the right thing with their PAC and speech money. Also, Russia had a sweet national healthcare system.

Jennifer Lawrence and numerous other low-impact politically active rich people are sliding behind an anti-corruption in politics group known as Represent.Us. The organization supports efforts in small towns and cities and promotes public referenda limiting money and contributions to political campaigns. Nationally, the Supreme Court has spoken on the matter of money equaling speech. In Tallahassee, you can still gather signatures on petitions and get shit passed on direct popular vote without city council involvement.

It’s not an altogether horrible idea. Even if Represent.Us limits their scope to big business and the rich as the only influential corruptors of politicians. As opposed to numerous public sector employees unions and special interest lobbies, which have dramatic influence on at least one of the two major parties. There’s a reason gender neutral bathrooms took precedence over dealing with North Korea for the previous eight years. And it’s not hedge fund managers.

Lawrence donned a tight white t-shirt she might otherwise find sexist and announced an auction to have a wine and cheese picnic with her in Napa, with the proceeds going to Represent.Us. It’s nice that Lawrence can make fun of her own tits while also showing them off to market herself. It’s the perfect middle ground that reminds us that actors are not artists. Artists can’t raise six figures for one hour picnic meet and greets. 

It’s hard to mock the one percent of wealthy Hollywood that actually does more than Tweet their aristocrat-as-common-man political complaints and actually puts even a little skin in the game. You have to wonder how many Pinot Noirs go back before the top comes off. If you want to stoke the bids, I’d mention a specific number.

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