Eating Meat Equals A Marvelous Life

August 10, 2017 | crap around the web | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Remember the time that awkward girl at the office tried celibacy. She was angry all of the time due to her lack of physical loving. That’s basically vegetarians and vegans. Except substitute sex with food. Had she put meat in her mouth she could have relaxed. She can apply those same words of wisdom when she tries to hop on the vegan trend train next week. Of course, because some celebrity in a magazine told her to. Heavyweight vegan lifestyle influencers like Olivia Wilde spew anti-animal eating propaganda into the public. Now we’ve got a study to back up the obvious:

A study from across the pond found that our otherwise jolly counterparts—the British—are sadder when they don’t eat meat. The study, which reviewed the eating habits of 10,000 Britons and was published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, determined that vegetarians and vegans were up to twice as likely to suffer from depression. Researchers caution that meatless diets often lack in vitamin B12, which may be linked to ailing mental health. They found that over half of the vegans and 7 percent of the vegetarians surveyed were B12 deficient.

Celeb vegetarians and vegans don’t choose that lifestyle because they care about animals. Eating leaves all day in lieu of meat will make you thinner. And Hollywood is a pretty pretentious place. No roles for women with rolls. Hammies like Rebel Wilson scoring leads are exceptions.It’s mostly an audience laughing at her, than with her. But she does look pretty content after having her fair share of pork in life. If scientific study states eating bacon makes the world a better place, do your part. I don’t want any female actresses angry and suffering from the lack of necessary daily nutrients. Ditch those diets. Have a single slice of bacon for your only meal of the day. You’ll thank me later.

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