Kendall Jenner, Just the Tip

August 8, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Strippers are really the only people that always deserve tips. It takes courage to take your clothes off seven days a week. Not because you want to. But because your toddler Timmy is hungry. And don’t forget to mention to every horn dog you meet that this gig is putting you through school. Bigger tips. It seems everyone in the service industry has their hands out. But Kendall Jenner looks like she wants to be nominated as the poster child for the anti-tipping coalition. The soul of Steve Buscemi’s Mr. Pink character in Reservoir Dogs has allegedly possessed Jenner recently. 

This afternoon, popular Brooklyn bar/venue Baby’s All Right published an Instagram photo of what appears to be a receipt from Kendall Jenner that didn’t include a tip on a $24 charge. It did include a very large autograph

How is it possible that a Kardashian Klan member could perform such a selfish act as not tipping? They share everything from their men to their STDs. Apparently for the first time in the history of forever, a Kardashian is not to blame. The Brooklyn bar who posted the receipt has removed the public shaming post after Kendall Jenner tweeted she did in fact tip in cash. It’s possible that Kendall’s compensation check for her community genitalia didn’t clear at the time. Forcing her to tip in cash or risk overdraft fees and a declined card. This was all just a huge misunderstanding. I’m glad things are cleared up. Wouldn’t want to ruin a great reputation. 

Photo Credit: Splash News

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