Miley Cyrus Strips Again In The Name Of Art

August 25, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Miley Cyrus is following the same trans-genre route in music like a vaginal version of Kid Rock and she still can’t stop taking her clothes off. Country music isn’t really all that edgy. Sure there’s the occasional curse word and ill-willed tune from an artist in the genre. But butt naked fairies belong to genres like acid trance, not country. So there goes Miley Cyrus culturally appropriating country music without consent and making a mess again. She’s just one lady that can’t stick to her side of the fence on anything. The type to sneak into Mexico to steal burritos and believe she’s some kind of trailblazing leader for our friends on the far south side of the south. Now she’s sticking her nose into art and really believes she’s some kind of model.

Cyrus, who also wears rainbow wings, appears in a prison cell tangled with flowering branches. Lost + Found, Vol. 1 of LaChapelle’s first publication in a decade, promises to show over 150 unpublished works, ranging from his early work in New York City in the ’80s up through today.

Pop, Hip-Hop, and Country doesn’t need you. Music doesn’t need you, Miley. I’d like to read this nondisclosure agreement they make Disney childhood stars sign. None of those kids are ever wrapped too tight after leaving. Maybe that’s why the opportunity to pose for surreal photographer David LaChapelle turned Miley on so much. It’s just another man in her life behind a camera telling her what to do after she takes her clothes off. This isn’t her first rodeo. Show us on the doll where Terry Richardson may or may not have touched you.

See the new pic and her other nudes here [NSFW]

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