Lori Loughlin Full Of Crap About Daughter’s Car Accident

August 17, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Celebrity parents are some of the most out of touch individuals on the planet. The evasion of common sense is a dominant trait when you’re a star. It comes in the form of a gene in celebrities, and it’s hereditary. And it looks like Lori Loughlin has passed it down to her daughter. Don’t divide your attention between a cell phone and the road while driving. Lori’s daughter did just that when she decided vlogging was more important than paying attention. I miss the days of only having to worry about middle aged day drinking alcoholics in vehicles. Now it’s young careless teens out for blood. I’d add attractive to that statement but she’s only 17. 

Olivia reportedly posted the video Sunday to her nearly 1 million subscribers. Daily Mail posted 6 screen grabs showing her behind the wheel, and reported Olivia vowed to never vlog or text while driving right after the accident. Mama Bear says the report is total BS, and insists her daughter never recorded while driving. It’s impossible to compare her explanation though .. Olivia’s video has been taken down from YouTube, for some reason.

I understand as a parent it’s your duty to support your child. But when they’re putting social media attention over the attention they give the road while driving, there’s a problem. And you as a parent must own up to that. Not openly deny the mistake. Other celebrity daughters have made way worse mistakes than this incident involving cameras. Actually some daughters have even made entire careers from mistakes on camera. If she’s smart like Kim she’ll capitalize off of this. Maybe bring back demolition derby. Except only this time with hot women behind the wheel. Turn this residential roadside accident into revenue. Next year she’ll be legal to make a sex tape. Lori, you can be the new Kris. 


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