Sam Claflin Bathing Suit Somebody

August 20, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

Sam Claflin has taken the risky approach of garnering media coverage by squeezing his dick and balls into Shailene Woodley’s bathing suit. Risky because his genitals now look like the underside of a boat, or I guess Bella Thorne’s face if we want to be topical, due to Woodley’s soured unwashed taco. You might know Claflin as a star on teen dystopian garbage The Hunger Games, or you might not know him at all or give a crap about his life. Now you can give even less craps. 

Woodley and Claflin are currently filming their movie Adrift. Both prove that one role in a young-adult franchise (Shailene was in the Divergent movies, which you can now own if you have the patients and Purell to fish the box set out of the three dollar Walmart DVD bin) can set you up with millions of Instagram followers for life. Teen girls are flooding their basements thanks to Claflin’s pics, the one above being captioned “Oucheeze.” The real message here, if there is one, which there really isn’t, is that if you want teen taint, just squeeze your junk into a woman’s bathing suit. The weather’s going to be nice this weekend. Go get ’em.  


Photo Credit: Instagram

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