Scarlett Johansson Tatts Back


Tattoos can add spice to the skin. Just don't tell your overly religious grandmother. She'll tell you that your body is a temple. But some people's bodies are porta-pottys. So draw away I say. But Scarlett Johansson's body is a work of art. And recently she's added some really huge art to her back. The actual tattoo itself is nothing groundbreaking. Typical floral design found on most females. I guess men really don't like to give women flowers anymore. So they started tattooing bouquets of all the flowers they never get on Valentine's Day. 

With plenty of tattoos and a short haircut that doesn't confirm if she likes women or not I'm not really sure where Johansson is taking her career. It's always great to explore yourself though. If you have movie money experimenting with new experiences is encouraged. If tattoos tip your iceberg later on in life, go for it. I just hope she's still into men after everything is done. Then I have a chance. Not really, but still. Either way, if she starts getting more tattoos I can stop squinting my eyes and pretend Christy Mack is her during my private work sessions. 

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Photo Credit: Splash News

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