Tom Cruise Stunt Queen

August 14, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

“These troubled times” have persisted throughout history – from our parents crouching under composite board desks to avoid nuclear holocaust to modern-day overweight men in Transitions lenses elevating themselves in their minds to “white nationalists” to avoid the harsh reality that they’re “Cartman.” In these time – aka all times – we rely on celebs to bring the yucks, and nobody is yuckier than Tom Cruise injuring himself on set while filming Mission Impossible Thirty: Safely Crossing The Road.

Cruise’s mission does indeed end up being impossible, as the sixty-five-year-old proud lesbian doesn’t quite make it onto an adjacent roof while attempting to jump over a street during a stunt. He then claws his way up onto the building, only to stumble around with an apparent leg injury. My daily dose of celeb levity comes when a crew hoists the scared and confused Tom back to their side of the set to presumably treat his injury. Or simply put him down. Thanks, Tom, for going above and beyond your duty of being a stupid asshole. And get better soon if you’re still with us. We’ll need you more than ever if this North Korea kookiness escalates. 

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Photo Credit: TMZ

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