USC Accused Of Misspelled “Shakespeare” On $700M Project

August 23, 2017 | News | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

Prospective college students not able to get into a California state school or a good college in general flock to the quads at the University of Southern California, where they make a solemn oath to talk relentlessly about USC at dinner parties for the rest of their lives. And I just want to preface this post by saying that I respect and mean no offense to anyone who went to USC. I like terrible people. Not everyone can be like me and go to the University of Tennessee, where I had to guess the number of beans in a jar to get in.

I happen to endure quality time with a terrible friend on a regular basis who can’t shut the heck up about his time at USC. And when people respond “I didn’t know you were mentally challenged” he just repeats the same thing louder. Like a mentally challenged person is wont to do. All of this is why I’m delighted that the media is accusing the University of Spoiled Cunts of misspelling Shakespeare’s name as Shakespear on the centerpiece statue for a $700M special needs housing project dubbed USC Village. A group of UCLA students pointed out the potential error on Twitter with:

USC. The only place in America that can unveil a statue as the centerpiece of a $700 million project and manage to misspell Shakespeare

But USC quickly responded with just the douchiest statement:

To E, or not to E, that is the question. Over the centuries his surname has been spelled 20 different ways. USC chose an older spelling because of the ancient feel of the statue, even though it is not the most common form.

Nothing more regal and steeped in tradition than South Los Angeles. You can’t really ruin a reputation if there never was one, but still, glad to see that USC is getting hilarious media coverage for addressing a stupid decision with a stupid response for their stupid school. Stupid assholes. 



Correction: A previous version of this article misspelled the phrase “Wont to do.” I apologize to USC commenter Matt for the emotional rollercoaster. 

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