First Pictures Of Five Months Pregnant Kylie Jenner Show A House

September 26, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

The most successful reality stars identified with Scheherazade from a young age and thought “It’s good, but I can do it super slutty.” And Kylie Jenner has. The sassy starlet was running low on stories – if her poor ratings for Life of Kylie were any indication – so she pulled a hail mary to survive another day in reality land by getting knocked up by Travis Scott. Or Kris Jenner attacked her with a turkey baster in the middle of the night. Either way. Kylie Jenner is five months pregnant with a girl, allegedly, and looking like a house in these new pap pics. I’d keep her alive another day to see how this mess turns out.

The twenty-year-old Jenner hasn’t officially announced that she’s baking her future reality show in her crusty oven, but Kris Jenner has been busy calling up anyone with a pulse and Internet connection to spread the good word. Thanks to a pap who waited outside in the bushes like a gentleman, we can see Jenner looking like she ate all of her sisters while lurking around some sort of fun party. Jenner’s brand has been built around tricking sad girls into buying Kylie Cosmetics in hopes of looking like her, but now, that might not work. Instagram is about being aspirational. Unmarried, pregnant, and not even twenty-one. If only we all could be so glamorous.  


Photo Credit: Backgrid

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