Halle Berry Dips Back Into Younger Man Waters

September 21, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an older woman who keeps herself in shape and likes to bang. You should be so lucky to know one. Crepe skin isn’t a thing when she’s on top and screaming out Jehova!

Halle Berry is apparently recovered from her previous male model fuck toy breakups and divorces to re-enter the dating pool. Halle Berry dates similar to how DiCaprio dates. Make eye contact with a younger hotter thing and point to your genitals and wink. It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work. 

Berry’s new official boyfriend now is some British music producer who goes by Alex Da Kid. Perfect if you’re dreaming of young flesh to get your 50-something cooch pre-moistened. Technically, he’s only sixteen years her junior, but if he acts infantile the middle school boy with unusually developed penis roleplay is still very much on, Ms. Berry.

Berry and numerous of her divorced wealthy celebrity lady friends are a solid reminder that the fully emancipated woman is every bit the sex hog as her male counterpart. Berry’s got her offspring by way of some well-heeled Euro actor baby maker and now she simply wants to live in a mansion, have fabulous dinner parties, and fuck boy toys.

Most of her films are shit. But career quality didn’t bother you when David Spade was working his way through Young Hollywood tail. The “sexist” label is entirely overused in modern feminist linguistics. But if you have any problem with a rich attractive older lady stuffing her pie hole with younger man dick, you’re clearly sexist.

Let Halle be Halle. Look at that goofy motherfucker she’s doinking. Trust that she’s getting something out of it.

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