Oscar De La Hoya, Cross Dressing Regrets

September 11, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Imagine being professionally beaten in a boxing match by a Mexican man who wears lingerie in his spare time. Machismo is ingrained into the culture for our friends south of the border so learning that Oscar De La Hoya liked the look of lingerie better on himself than his lady was a bit surprising. He claims the scandalous photographs are an indication of “just a bad time in my life.” Just in case you’re lost, those words translate into a catch-all phrase for the purest concentration of photographed fuckery that cannot be explained. And just like anyone ashamed to admit casual cross dressing, he blamed substance abuse.

Oscar De La Hoya is addressing those infamous lingerie photos that have followed him around for years — saying they were taken at a “bad time in my life” … but he’s a better person now. The boxing legend was asked about the shots during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” — when Charlamagne Tha God (of course) wanted to know the real story behind the pics of Oscar dressed up in fishnets. “Just a bad time in my life,” Oscar said … “That’s it.” Oscar didn’t expand on why it was a bad time — but noted the pics were taken 10 years ago … before his 3 stints in rehab for substance abuse.

I’ve dabbled in drinking and doing drugs before, but at no point have I ever been so far gone that I’ve accidentally changed into a full fishnet outfit. And if the drugs you’re on is making you mentally believe you’re the hot card girl in the ring instead of the boxer, you’re doing the wrong drugs. There’s more to this story than Oscar is telling. If only he was able to dodge Mayweather the same way he dodged questions during the interview maybe he would be the one fighting McGregor for an obscene amount of money. And not taking obscene pictures in hooker outfits. 

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