PewDiePie Drops the N-Bomb

September 12, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Watching a Swedish dude play video games on a YouTube channel isn’t the same thing as watching a woman flick her bean on a Russian cam network. If you don’t know why, you’re probably a large fan of PewDiePie. The 20-something who plays video games while millions of people for whom dignity was never an option, watch and comment. 

Disney and one of their digital media affiliates signed the Swedish video maker to a contract because they had no better millennial dullards strategy. Not everybody wants to see Emma Watson turn Beauty and the Beast into a Vassar senior thesis on third wave feminism. Some want to watch a Scandinavian guy with bad facial hair toggle his Playstation.

Disney dumped PewDiePie after he posted a video with anti-Semitic visuals. Not the kind intuited by campus protesters bored and looking to march, but a picture of two guys holding up a banner that read, ‘Death to all Jews’. So more on point.

Regardless of how it was intended to be some idiotic meta joke on social norms, Disney doesn’t do alt-right and dropped him immediately. PewDiePie is back in the news for casually dropping the n word in one of his live streams. PewDiePie immediately apologized and said he didn’t mean it in a bad way. Which might work if you weren’t the absolutely whitest person on the planet.

PewDiePie has repeatedly mentioned how he doesn’t have any hate in his heart. A statement which couldn’t be any less relevant in this day and age. The same day and age that provides 57 million listed subscribers for a Swedish gamer dude’s YouTube account. Take the good with the bad. Easy millions in ad revenue had to come with some cost.

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