Sergio Dipp Unwitting Victim of Disney La Raza (VIDEO)

September 13, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


Sergio Dipp made himself the laughing stock of America, Mexico-America, and Disney corporate diversity clumsily executed mandates, and it’s mostly not his fault.

For the inaugural Monday Night Football of the season, Disney/ABC/ESPN/Antifa not only scored virtue points putting the first woman, Beth Mowins, in the MNF booth as play by play announcer, they discovered Sergio Diggs at a DACA talent showcase and hired him to do sideline reporting for the game. Though not exactly sideline reporting. More like a 30-second cloying monologue on diversity and inclusiveness.

Dipp clearly wasn’t ready for the on-camera patronizing assignment and fumbled miserably. Rather than discussing the amazing contributions of Central American immigrants, WeHo twinks, and Hmong people vending salted fish by the rail stations, Dipp flubbed out something about Denver Broncos’ coach Vance Joseph being diverse because he lined up both offense and defense during his playing days. If only we could return to a time when that’s what diversity meant.

Dipp’s sputtering sideline clip became an instant Internet meme, which seems unfair to the dude who simply wanted to represent the no Mexicans who watch or play American football. The NFL lists Matt Moore and Tony Romo as their Hispanic Heritage month players. Assume they’re reaching. Football is not a Latino sport. But Central American immigration is pinned as a huge tag cloud on the wall of Disney’s Chief Diversity Officer. 

Dipp doubled down on his poor performance with a Twitter mea culpa that sounded like a U.N. Secretary General resigning over a poorly handled African famine. The melancholy Calexico origin story heavily placed the burden on the viewers for not accepting the fact he fucked up his star turn. This might’ve been the right time for some self-effacing humor. Consult Ken Bone for crisis management advice. This one’s on you, kid.

You’d like to think that media companies desperate to share their progressive open borders bona fides with the world might find a way to do so without destroying young Mexican men in front of millions. Last week, they fucked with the first Asian football announcer they ever had because his name was Robert Lee. This week, throw Dipp to the sharks. Nobody said cynical and obvious corporate virtue signaling was going to be easy. But it’s also really not that hard.

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