The Naked Drunk and Screaming Randy Travis Arrest Video Is Coming Soon

September 13, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Randy Travis drunk crashed his Trans-Am in Texas in 2012. See fucked up mugshot for evidence of a face plant into steering wheel. Following the vehicular incident, Travis walked naked and pissed off into a convenience store. It’s unclear if he was naked at the time of the crush, or thought to remove them before entering the store. Both options make for a great story.

When cops arrived, Travis slurred threats about shooting them with tons of rounds and wishing them cancer. This is one of those instances where White Privilege may be cited and actually be accurate. The crazy drunk country singer’s mugshot made the rounds, but the video capture of the arrest was kept under wraps.

Randy Travis has since filed cases with Texas courts to seek to block the release of the video to the media under public interest grounds.  He’s lost. The Texas state courts ruled the local cops can release the video, provided they blur out his cock and balls. That’s a very Solomonesque decision. Also, thank you.

Travis is nearing the end of his legal blocking line. He’s filing motions with the federal courts. His attorneys are working an out of left field strategy claiming that since Travis was ill at the time of the crash and under the influence of prescription medication, the tape itself is substantively a “medical record”, which authorities can not release to the public under any grounds.

You don’t need to be a lawyer, merely a football fan, to understand what a Hail Mary pass looks like. Unless Travis graciously comped one of these federal judges in the past when a Randy Travis event meant something, this insane naked arrest video is coming out. Probably straight to Netflix. Those fuckers get everything. 


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