Amber Rose Degraded By Stripper Pedigree

October 5, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Amber Rose completed her third annual Slut Walk this past weekend. Or did she? Certain slut related issues remain entirely unresolved.

The mutant looking body enhanced social media phenom declared that among the things that continue to degrade her and other women with similar job histories is the title “former stripper”. Rose contends that she and her pal Blac Chyna are victims of resume shaming when people insist on repeatedly mentioning their stripper pasts. Though both were strippers in the past. So you see the conundrum. If Trump spent his teen years working the pole, it’d probably come up every now and then.

Rose’s sentiment about being dragged down by her younger life choice of occupations might make more sense if she didn’t commit her grown up career to rank exhibitionism. Like ginormous fake tits and ass. That leans heavily stripper. And at least two standard deviations from female Silicon Valley CEO. If you stripped to pay for med school and now you’re notching the cure for cancer on your website bio, it’d be crass for the Nobel Committee to list exotic dancer on your background info. If you’re still baring your jugs for popularity points in your 30’s, not such a stretch.

Everybody had shitty, degrading jobs as teens. You move on to new endeavors and the embarrassments of the past are quickly forgotten. Sex with rappers, slut activist, and titty model is not the classic means by which to disassociate from stripping. In 2017, a complaint is a fact. Expect many likes.  

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