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October 26, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

Former celebrity Melanie Griffith got swept up in the plastic surgery craze pretty early on in her career, but these new pap pics prove that she’s kicked things into high gear now that she’s been on the planet for six decades. Griffith took her shiny – literally – new mug out on the town to Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood. Still has that new car smell. While I wanted to h8 on this season’s must-have face, I actually think Griffith’s most recent visit to the plastic surgeon’s office was a success. Or maybe my standards have just been lowered.

At first I assumed the old woman in these pics was Patricia Arquette on a very, very good day, and my co-worker swore he was staring at Rebecca De Mornay’s forgotten ass. If she wasn’t dead I would have even thrown Chyna the wrestler in a wig into the ring. These are all improvements over what could have been Griffith’s face’s tragic ending – acting contemporary Meg Ryan’s puckered cat anus face – so I’d say she’s winning. 

The fact that so many female celebrities, Mickey Rourke included, end up morphing into the same woman when they hit a certain age makes me a little sad. But I have a feeling that once we see the freshman class of plastic surgery victims hit middle-age, including Kim Kardashian, carrying her ass in a wheelbarrow, we’ll have a new appreciation for the veterans.  


Photo Credit: Splash News

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