“Lean On Me” Kid Arrested For Multiple Pounds Of Marijuana

October 18, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

When you’re busted for doing drugs on the big screen and Morgan Freeman gives you a second chance to turn your life around one would assume you would also wise up in real life. Not Jermaine Hopkins. Anyone doing 15 mph over the speed limit anywhere is almost guaranteed to get ticketed by the cop they didn’t see sitting under the overpass. Add almost 6 pounds of marijuana to that equation and you’re definitely going to jail, PBA card or not. At least it wasn’t crack. 

Law enforcement sources tell us cops in Apex, NC spotted Jermaine driving 70 in a 55 last week. Once they pulled him over cops say they found 5.7 lbs. of weed in his trunk and arrested him for felony drug possession with intent to sell.

He also got tagged with a speeding ticket before he was released on $3,000 bond.

Jermaine was also busted in 2011 for buying 200 lbs. of pot from an undercover cop — so 5 lbs. almost seems like an improvement. 

Ganja has a pretty distinctive odor. Those around it often tend to forget that. If the For Dummies series had just released a “How To Be A Drug Mule” edition Jermaine wouldn’t have seen the inside of a cell that day. Even a “simple tips on how not to get pulled over by police” google search would have given Mr. Hopkins some insight on proper avoidance techniques instead seeing the precinct. If you have a felonious amount of marijuana in your vehicle you might want to throw on a seat belt and obey all traffic laws. Just saying. But he’s also a child actor and crimes like these are right on par with anyone else’s career that blew up and fizzled out before their 18th birthday. 

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